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Here are some various links that I like or just some interesting things. Hopefully you'll like them too! I'm trying to stay away from the ubiquitous (and usually boring) "my favorite bands and movies" kind of page.

If you like listening to different orchestras, I made a page listing several radio broadcasts of orchestra concerts you can listen to online.

The same guy that did the videos below also has a pretty good podcast called "Learn Japanese". Each episode is about 10 minutes long and they are fun to listen to. Having been back from Japan for over 10 years (!) and hardly speaking it since then I've found them very helpful as a review and to learn things I never knew how to say.

Here are some videos a couple of guys in Japan took following the route of a train line in Osaka. This is interesting if you want to see what Japan looks like on a normal day. Nothing flashy, just interesting, especially for me since it reminds me of what life was like there. is a website that has tons of pictures of how the Japanese butcher the English language which much of the time is pretty funny. Note: DO NOT try to make sense of what they are actually trying to say! That's what is so funny is that most of the time the sayings make absolutely no sense So follow the link and lets making some happy time!

Click here for an interesting optical illusion.

Nicholas's name
Nicholas wanted to write his name on the computer tonight and this was the result! I told him what letters to push and he did the rest. (April 27, 2005)

Ni's Story
A rather nonsensical but humorous story the imaginative Nicholas told us.