A Story by Nicholas

March 21, 2005

There was a little girl, her name was Tonya and she was in the wolf's tummy because the wolf ate her. Then there was a little boy Nicholas and he was in the lion's tummy. There was a nice cat and she didn't eat anybody. There was a dinosaur at the cat's house who was trying to chase little Tonya and it had a long tail.  

Next time the little girl remembered not to go into the cat's house. The cat's daddy was happy because there was no girl in the cat's house. Little Tonya went to the cats house, to the wolf's tummy, to the lion's tummy, then she went to the gingerbread man's house and the gingerbread man had cookies cooking for somebody who was hungry for cookies. The little girls name is Tonya just like mommy's name is Tonya.

One day the little girl went into the dinosaur's tummy and there was a tiger. Tigers are Mommy's favorite. Dinosaurs are Daddy's favorite. Lions are my (Nicholas's) favorite. Madeleine's favorite animal is dinosaurs, too.

The cat was lonely and he didn't have a friend to sleep with. and he was crying because he had no friends. He was playing with the rest of his dinosaurs and then he stopped and he was thirsty. And he had some juice and after just was more thirsty. And he had milk and he was more thirsty again. He had water and he was still thirsty again. And his mom got more water and more juice and milk. She got cereal milk and water. And after water milk and more juice. And he had a lion drinking with a dinosaur and there was a tiger drinking with a lion. They had french toast to eat and after french toast they had cereal. They played one game called hop frog. That's the end of the story.