Last updated on 8/9/08

Lately I've become really interested in my family history. My goals right now include learning more about my Lollar ancestors from Tennessee and North Carolina. I will be posting information as I obtain it and my priority is to work on getting the real details of these people: when they were really born, how many children they had, etc. I've found that there is a lot of conflicting information and I want to do all I can to be sure my information is correct.

The oldest Lollar information I have on my dad's side is John Lollar, born on 14 July 1779 in Buchanan, Granville County, North Carolina. Although I've seen many references to John being born in Buchanan, NC, for a long time I was unable to find this town on any records. But! it is listed in the 1895 atlas of North Carolina so it does exist! I also saw this town listed in a book about tobacco growers in NC and how much land each person had (there was no Lollar info in the book).

On my Mom's side the oldest Lollar info I have starts with Isaac Lollar, born on November 12, 1738 in North Carolina. I have yet to find a relationship between John and Isaac Lollar, although I do think they are related as Isaac's daughter Elizabeth married a Perkins and John is buried in the Perkins Cemetery. Not only did they move from North Carolina, both families ended up in the same location in White County, TN. Eventually the Lollars ended up in White and Putnam counties in Tennessee. Follow this link for some of my notes on the White County, TN censuses with Lollars.

Variations on spelling Lollar:
Lawler, Lauler, Loller, Lollor

Websites with Lollar genealogies in them:
My family history includes Burgess, Judd, Lafever, Lollar, Parsley, Perkins, Sherrell, Spears, Steward, and Wright surnames as the main lines of genealogy.
Descendants of Isaac K Lollar (b.1714) of North Carolina by Jane A. Leavell.
Descendants of Isaac Lollar (b.1714) of North Carolina by Alma M. Mullin.
Descendants of Isaac Lollar (b.1714) of North Carolina. by [unknown].
Descendants of Jacob Lollar (b. mid 1700s) of North Carolina by Sue Kohnke-oelke.
Descendants of Thomas Lollar (b.1760) of North Carolina; a portion of Trisha Carden's vast research website with over 45,000 names and 5,000 surnames. I've barely looked at her website but there are several surnames that match up with my family surnames and her son-in-law even has a good amount of information on the Braswell surname which is my wife's maiden name!
Descendants of Elizabeth Lollar (b. abt 1811) of White Co, Tennessee by Alice Kaifer Corfman.

Here are some helpful links that I've found.