The format that I've used here is first I have a little info about the census, then the extract and then my notes on how the extract coincides with my genealogy. I have not changed the spellings on any names in order to preserve how they were written in the census, except in my notes. This chart traces my genealogy back to John J. Lollar. Since this page is really just a copy of my personal notes hopefully you'll be able to understand them. I don't really have time or knowledge to do much else as far as formatting the page.
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From what I've found, I don't think there is a city of Buchanan in Granville, Co, NC. It doesn't seem that there were ever any Lollars in that area, from what little I've found in census info for that area.

White County was formed in 1806 from Smith and Jackson Counties.

The 1820 White County, TN census
There is no previous online census info at GenWeb site for White Co.
Under 10 10-16 16-18 16-26 26-45 Over 45
Under 10 10-16 16-26 26-45 Over 45 Slaves

Lauler, John
1 2 0 1 1 0
2 0 1 1 0 0
Lawler, Thomas
0 0 0 0 1 0
4 2 0 1 0 0

In 1820 John J. Lollar would have been 41, Nancy Stone 26. Per our records they had 6 children: Isaac, 11; Elizabeth, 9; Martha, 8 (maybe not); Sally, 6; Susanna, 4; Corder, born 3 June 1820. Census shows 1 male 26-45 (John), 1 mail 16-26 (don't know who), 1 female 26-45 (Nancy), one female 16-26 (don't know who), 2 males 10-16 (Isaac and ??) 2 females under 10 (Elizabeth and Martha or Sally), one male under 10 (Corder). Result: two extra males, one extra female is represented and one or two females are not represented. Very sketchy info. It is my understanding that these early censuses were not terribly accurate and the census person would count whoever was in the house regardless of whether they actually lived there. I don't have info on Thomas Lollar but per info below could be John's brother.

The 1830 White County, TN census
In 1830 the census day was moved up two months to June 1st and a six-month enumeration period was allowed. There were also a greater number of age groups listed than in previous census forms. This 1830 White County, Tennessee census was enumerated by James A. Lane. No townships were given. This census was abstracted from microfilmed copies of the original census which were taken from Microfilm M19, Roll: #182; Pages 1-56 (National Archives, Washington, DC). These microfilmed copies were very dim in places so if you have any questions about an entry I would suggest you look at the originals in Washington, DC or on microfilm at your local library or Tennessee State Archives. [J's note: This info was taken from the White Co. GenWeb site.]

Census page 24: Lists John Lollar, aged 50-60 yrs old with one female 30-40, 1 female 15-20, one female 10-15, one male 10-15 yrs old, two females 5-10, one female 0-5 yrs. 6 children total.
Next line lists Isaac Lollar, aged 20-30, one female 15-20, one male 0-5.
Census page 45: Thomas Lollar, aged 40-50, one female 40-50, 1 female 15-20, 1 female 10-15, two females 5-10.
Census pg 21: Levi Lollar aged 20-30 yrs old, One female 0-5 years old, one female 20-30 yrs old.

The above John Lollar is most likely John J Lollar born 14 July 1779. He would have been 50 or 51 depending on when the census was taken at his house. 30-40 year old female could be Nancy Stone born 18 nov 1794. She would have been 36. Above children listed for John are probably Elizabeth (19) or Martha (18) or Sally (16), then Susanna (14), Corder (10), Rebecca born 1825 (5), we are missing 2nd female 5-10 (unless our date is wrong) and Mary Betsy (3).
The above Isaac Lollar, is most likely John J Lollar's son Isaac Lollar, born 1809 (21 yrs), wife Elizabeth Allen (19) and son James P Lollar (3)
I do not have a Thomas Lollar born 1780 - 1790. Maybe this was John J's brother?
I do not have a Levi Lollar born 1800 - 1810. Another brother?

The 1860 White County Census
See 1860 White Co., TN census notes.txt for details on this census.
Census page 135, lines 7-11: Surname Date of entry, district and post office for that district
LOLLER July 20, 1860- District 7, New Ark PO 1017/1002
name age sex color occupation value of real estate value of personal estate birthplace
  John 81 M W Farmer 600 300 NC-I
  Nancey 44 F W Ky-I
  Rebecca KILGROw 35 F W Tn-I
  John W. KILGROw 14 M W Tn-S
  William C. KILGROw 12 M W Tn-S

Census page 206, lines 6-7: Surname Date of entry, district and post office for that district
LOLLER August 13, 1860 - District 13, Clarkstown PO 1448/1433
name age sex color occupation value of real estate value of personal estate birthplace
  Thomas 76 M W Farmer 300 200 NC
  Jane 76 F W Va

This census puts the birthdate for the above John Lollaras 1779 and Nancey's birthdate as 1816. Not sure who this Nancey is. At first I thought it might have actually been who I have as Susanna, but I have her death date as 14 March 1842. The Nancey on this census would have been 14 on the 1830 census so it seems there is some wrong info in our records. Rebecca Kilgrow looks like Johns daughter born 1825. Looks like she's widowed/divorced, etc. with two children.
1860's Thomas Lollar would have been born 1784 and appears to be the same Thomas from the 1830 census, with Jane also born 1784. Again, her date coincides with the 1830 census.

The White Co GenWeb site also has the 1880 census and 1891 Taxpayer Enumeration online.