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All of these are external links to family, friends and other kinds of personal connections the Steward family has on the web.


My sister Rayda's website.

My brother Brandon's blog.

My cousin Stacie Johnson's blog.

Our friend Ryan Farrell's page at the University of Maryland. Some pictures in the StewardsWeb photo album include his family or were taken by Ryan.

Kristin Polizzotto's faculty page at Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn, NY. There are also some pictures in the StewardsWeb photo album with Kristin and her daughter Taylor.

One of my best friends, Mita Mookherjee has received her PHD from the University of Alabama and is now in Seattle. Congratulations, Mita!

Oran Etkin's website. Tonya and I met Oran (and each other!) on our trip to Italy in 1998. He now lives and performs in NYC.

Pictures from our friends Rowan and Angie.

One of my missionary companions Will Stanton (AKA Billy Nair)'s blog.

Dallas Petersen was one of my roomates at the Missionary Training Center.

We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Church has several websites:
  • Mormon.Org This site is set up for people interested in learning more about our church and our beliefs.
  • is a website mainly devoted to church members.
  • Provident Living is devoted to "spiritual and temporal welfare". This has information on food storage and emergency preparedness, social and emotional strength and more.
  • Family Search This is the church's portal to genealogy research. Lots of material here!
  • Joseph Smith December 23, 2005 was the 200th anniversary of the prophet Joseph Smith's birth. This website is dedicated to preserving his memory.
From September 1992 - September 1994 I served a mission for the Church. The Japan Sapporo Mission Alumni website was set up to keep missionaries connected.

While in college I was was a member of the West African drumming and dance ensemble Abusua. Although the site design has changed I was the original author of their website. Here is the original website I created. Although this page was archived in 2000 this is the last look of the website as I designed it before the new webmaster changed the design.